Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Tarompa galuak

I learned how to make and play tarompa galuak. I know in the game that you need tarompa galuak(which is 2 coconut shells), a long piece of string and you also need 2 little sticks. To play it and you have to race on it. The game is from west Sumatra

Yes there was growth in learning how to make tarompa galuak and learning how to balance on it. At the beginning i used to always fall off because I was not standing on it properly but then at the end I could walk on it because I was standing on it properly.

At the beginning I could not walk on it  but at the end I was able to walk on it so that was my favourite thing racing and being able to actually walk on it. 

The hardest part was learning how  to make the tarompa galuak and learning how to walk on it because that was really hard

 I would listen more closely because people were giving around good advice.

I think I was these 2 G.R.E.A.T.S

academic achiever
                   I think that I was an academic achiever because I kept on trying until I got it right.

self-directed learner

                                        I think I was a self-directed learner because I figured out how to stand on the tarompa galuak(which is 2 coconut shells) a long piece of string and you also need 2 little sticks) and i have to say it is quite hard to balance
on if I say so myself.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

MalinKundang PLAY

          Malin kundang play  

Malin kundang is a legend from west Sumatra.There are remains of malin kundang turned to stone it is believed to be the real malin kundang but nobody knows so that is why it is remains a legend.

Responsible Indovigual 

                             I practice my lines ?

        I did not really have any lines so I did not really have to practice so I did not really practice.I had to remember when to come in and when to close and open the curtains.

    (Expressive Communicator                   &  Academic Achiever) 

I can communicate my ideas and feelings and contribute to our mini play                                                                script?

I told Ibu Ida my ideas and what I thought we could add to the script.

Acted character well?

           I also acted my character well and did what my character would do in real life.

3 thing I learned

  1. New Bahasa words
  2. The Legend of Malin Kudang
  3. Traditional clothing  

2 things I enjoyed

1.My Character
2.My Costume

1 thing I need to improve on

  1. Maybe next time I would add lines since I was a monkey I did not think of that at first.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Art Portfolio Piece

In Art this term, we created a textile piece based on the work of Russian artist, Wassily Kandinsky. I created a piece using the Concentric circles as my inspiration. 

concentric circles
Paper piece idea
Concentric circles
making designs to look at 

The Dot
page about Yayoi Kusima    The Dot

page about Wassiley Kandinsky
concentric circle

finial piece tryout Kandinsky  

Refection peice

Personal Narrative Story

1.Sometimes/kind of
I am woking how my punctuation affects my writing and the problem is  that I don’t always know what punctuation to use.


 I spend time making sure that my words are spelled correctly because if they are not people get confused on what the word is supposed to be.

link to story


Thursday, November 9, 2017

Place Value, Rounding,Algorithms in Addition & Subtraction

     1. What did you learn?
      I learned that there are different types of ways showing a tape diagram.

            2.What are you proud of?
             I am proud that I learned how to identify when I need to do 3,2 or 1 tape diagram 

Portfolio Social Studies

1. What area were you learning about?
2. What did you find challenging?
3. What did you feel you were successful in?
4. How did you feel about working in a group?
5. What were some positives about working in a group?
6. What were some negatives about working in a group?
7. If you could have a re-do, what would you like to do differently?

In Social Studies we have been researching about Oceania.There were 4 different groups to represent the 4 parts of Oceania Australasia,Micronesia,Polynesia,and Melanesia.My group was  working on Australasia.I found looking for information difficult because I am not so good at the keywords.Typing it.I felt good about working in group.They help you and you don't  have to get so stressed and it is easier.Sometimes they get frustrated you and you get frustrated at them.I would chose a different subject to work on. instead of doing the whole of Australasia we just did New Zealand. 


Monday, October 30, 2017


                    This is me in wonder form


     August is a normal kid well he feels like he is but he is really deformed.He does ordinary things like ordinary kids do but the thing that was different and that made him stand out is that everybody stares at him or looks away.One day Auggie’s mother tells him that he should go to school and stop home school When he finally agrees with his mother he goes to the school to do the tour but little did August know he was going to have to meet some kids the three kids he meat are Charlotte,Jack,and Julian none of them looked at Auggie in the face but when Julian started being rude and mean to Auggie Charlotte and Jack stood up for Auggie.Auggie meat a girl called Summer.Summer started being real friends with Auggie but Jack became Auggie’s friend too.On halloween Auggie told Summer and Jack that he was coming as jango fett.At the last minute he decided to change and be the bleeding scream.When Auggie got to school he looked for Jack he went to homeroom to check and he walked in and saw Jack sitting with Julian and his other friends they were all saying mean  things about Auggie including Jack .Auggie could not bear hear it any longer he ran away crying.Maybe a month later the school had a Egyptian project Auggie and Summer were put together.When they are showing their projects Jack comes over to summer and asked “ why is August mad at me”.Summer told him a hint why “Bleeding Scream” she said………..At science Jack and  Auggie were put together as alway.When Jack stopped him Julian asked why and then said “ don’t tell me you want to be with the freak” he said “he  is not a freak” said Jack...One day Julian Miles and Henry started leaving notes in our locker like; you are stupid, freak,get out of our school orc…...On the beach Summer Jack and I could not stop laughing.  




Auggies mum
Auggies dad

     for the

I enjoyed how much the author described the characters thoughts and feelings I also enjoyed what she chose for the setting and places.

I don't really have something I don't like but theres this I want the book to go longer.